5 Steps To Growing A Successful Home Based Business

Do you have the dream of establishing your own thriving business? A business that you can run from the comfort of your own home or one that is completely location independent?

Perhaps you already have an existing home based business that hasn’t quite caught any traction and you would like to take that project to inspiring new heights and difference making, yet maybe you feel a bit stuck and unable to turn that vision in your head into daily concrete reality.

Either way, if you have are an individual who’s already walking this path of entrepreneurship and desire to create better results within your business, these 5 ideas that I want to share with you will help increase your clarity and show you effective steps that you can take starting now.

I know the journey of being an entrepreneur is no light task and it can be even more challenging if like me, you didn’t get much formal education or any business experience prior to taking this bold move of seeking your own freedom.

If you have a dream for your business but aren’t sure how to attract the money, resources and the opportunities that you require to take your ideas from imagination into material reality, here are 5 steps that I believe will certainly do wonders if applied diligently.

They have proven very practical and effective for this former slum girl and despite the fact that my entire world screamed ” it’s impossibile” especially in the realm of becoming independently wealthy, I have certainly demonstrated that nothing is impossible for the one who believes and takes right action.

Test them out with great diligence and I am certain you will experience the same if not more…

1. Get crystal clear on the vision you have for your business.

In our current economy, knowing that you want a business that will make you money and give you huge profit margins isn’t enough.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t have money goals but I am insisting that this become your secondary drive and certainly not your intention for starting the business. Instead what you want is to have more clarity on the difference you want the business to make for your clients and the world.

Did you get that?

Focus your intention and attention on the difference you want to make in the lives of your clients and the world.
Don’t make your main emphasis what you will get, how you will benefit or how your family will benefit. This is well and good but I promise you, unless you set this aside and allow it to be the natural effect or consequence of you “giving” something of great value to those that you serve, the struggle for prosperity and a business that thrives will continue.

So, start putting your attention and intention on the difference your business can bring to your consumers, clients and the world in general. Start falling in love with that and what you will notice is that you’ll start attracting resources and support to come and aid you in that.

This kind of attraction is what you need to help produce your big idea but it never happens when we spend our attention and intention focused on our personal objectives alone.

2. Get a mentor

You really want to get yourself a mentor or two. Individuals who resonate with you, that you respect and admire and people who can show you how to navigate many of the obstacles that this adventure will present.

Without at least one mentor whom you know has gone through that challenging path and has created the kind of success you would like, it’s going to be really tough for you to keep going when the going gets tough.

One of the best things about getting a mentor is the fact that many of the excuses and problems that might keep you stuck will just not impress him/her. So whether it’s a money issue, fear or whatever kind of obstacle you might be feeling overwhelmed by, you mentor is the one that helps you gain right perspective and helps you to move past the obstacles because almost always, if you keep moving forward those obstacles disappear.

I recommend you make an effort to get at least one mentor who’s overcome things, who pushed through and went for what they wanted even when everyone else said they couldn’t do it.

You want that person/s to stand with you and to be willing to help you navigate that distance between where you want to be and where you currently stand.

3. Surround yourself with the right people

In my private community I refer to this as the mind & money green house. You want to check yourself into a nice little green house where people can support you and everyone carries the right energy.

This can be a local entrepreneurs community, an online community for entrepreneurs or private masterminds that are specifically targeted for like-minded individuals who know how to nurture and incubate their desires and goals. In other words, start hanging out with winners!

It’s easy to find people who are complaining and drowning in negativity. It’s also easy to find forums, social groups and so on, that might be entertaining but never really help move you forward.

I like hanging out with people like me who are daring, those who aren’t afraid to dream big and risk big. Those who had nothing except great passion and the courage to start up ideas that the world considered impossible.

I love hanging out with people who aren’t afraid to stretch their thinking and challenge impossibility and what I know is that when you place yourself in such an environment, your life and business can’t help but expand.

4. Educate yourself

This may not seem like something crucial to mention when talking about tips for growing a successful business, but I can assure you that your business success will be in direct proportion to the degree of education you give yourself. Now, this isn’t about formal education as that has nothing to do with educating yourself.

I am talking about the kind of education that will grow you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am talking about the education that will help you transform and come into better alignment with your own nature.

You want to grow yourself mentally and spiritually if your desire is to enjoy prosperous living and self-education is the best way of attaining that result.
We live in a universe where material manifestations have intoxicated us so much even though we now know that they are all just effects. Your business will never outgrow your mind and the state of your consciousness.

So if you want a more thriving business, you must learn how to shift your mind and your state of consciousness.

Although all the abundance and prosperity is infinitely supplied to us here on earth, we have to individually claim our inheritance consciously before it can flow into our reality. There is an art to transformation and connecting with this infinite supply. You can learn how to make this your new lifestyle, but it requires some unlearning of the old patterns of thought and retraining of your mind.

5. Start where you are now and use what you have

Our universe rewards action and if you want to start generating some new momentum, you need to start moving some new energy in your life. Being stagnant is the best way to self-destruct your business and breed fear and failure.

You must learn how to use the little that you have no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.

Use it freely, to the best of your abilities and you’ll see that ideas will start coming to you. Money, resources, new people and new opportunities will start flowing into your experience.

So learn to use the little you have because I know there must be something you can do right where you are; there’s got to be something you have right now…

Use it wisely, make sure it falls into alignment with your vision because when you do what you can with what you have, it puts you in a state of harmony and alignment with the universal laws that govern success.

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